25 Albums That Rocked The World by Geoff Brown, David Buckley, Chris Charlesworth, Andrew Doe,

By Geoff Brown, David Buckley, Chris Charlesworth, Andrew Doe, Peter Doggett, Tony Fletcher

From Elvis Presley's solar classes to Radiohead's okay laptop, this is the superior of rock and dad track of the 20th Century. A consumer's serious advisor to the track, permitting the reader to pick the superior of an artist's repertoire sooner than creating a deciding to buy selection.

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An accordion-driven track of impressive complexity overlaid with Brian Wilson’s keen lead and Love’s wonderfully mellow middle-eight vocal, cushioned by sumptuous group harmonies, the lyrical hints at immorality in the first two verses are allayed by the matrimonial hopes of the bridge. A 24-carat masterpiece, this was carelessly released in Britain as the flip side of the Top Three ‘God Only Knows’ single; a classic case of losing an obvious hit through bad judgement — in the US, ‘God Only Knows’ was the flip side of ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’, but in Britain, ‘God Only Knows’ was the favoured track on pirate radio and thus became a smash hit.

Reprising (among others) a riff from ‘The Little Girl I Once Knew’, Brian Wilson would later recycle part of this perky instrumental into ‘Had To Phone Ya’ on 15 Big Ones, the group’s 1976 comeback LP. BOB DYLAN Blonde On Blonde August 1966 By Patrick Humphries WITH BACKING GROUP The Band on board, Bob Dylan set off to terrorise the civilised world. Established as a bona-fide pop star, Dylan played nearly 50 shows between May and July 1966, but diehard Dylan fans still couldn’t take the idea of their idol fronting a pop group; it seemed to them that Bob was debasing himself before the false gods of money and fame.

With it, the LP assumes some kind of greatness. Some might vote for ‘Hey Jude’ or ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ as the finest Beatles recording, but ‘A Day In The Life’ would run anything close — and it’s certainly the best collaborative effort between Lennon and McCartney. Lennon wrote the basic song, its verses a snapshot from his own life and the world around him — the death of a friend in a car crash, a newspaper cutting about the state of the roads in Blackburn, Lancashire. The tag line, “I’d love to turn you on”, brought a broadcasting ban by the BBC in Britain: more importantly, it led twice into an overwhelming orchestral assault, with 40 musicians headed helter-skelter up the scales towards a crescendo of silence.

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