A Book of Satyrs, Edition: Facsimile Ed by Austin Osman Spare

By Austin Osman Spare

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He was taller than she recalled, two or three inches over six feet she guessed. His hair was a rich brown, and his eyes a deep shade of blue. He was not a very handsome man, but there was nevertheless something about him that made him quite attractive. He was robust and confident and exuded power and authority. He was the sort, Kate guessed, to be dazzled by his own brilliance. Darlington settled into a seat almost directly across from Kate in the crescent row of seating. He did not notice her right away; he said something to the two women and the man who had saved him the seat.

Palmer,” Grayson muttered, and withdrew a piece of vellum. He dipped a pen in ink, and wrote: Miss Bergeron, please accept my sincere apology for having offended you. I assure you that was not my desire. Darlington. Quite short, but in his experience the ruffled feathers of a woman were better soothed with a bit of pretty jewelry than with words. Kate would allow Digby’s discerning palate to be the final judge of her latest batch of petits fours, but she thought she’d put a little too much salt in them.

My patronage lies solely in my great appreciation of hearing instruments played so beautifully. ” Darlington’s gaze swept over her. ” Well, well … perhaps this peacock had a bit of civility in him after all. “You are quite right about that, Christie,” the prince said. “Wellesley, shall we sample the champagne? Miss Bergeron, you must have a taste of this excellent champagne. Darlington, you must fetch it for her,” the prince said, and with a sly smile for Kate, he put his arm congenially around Wellesley’s shoulders and pulled him away, leaving Kate and Darlington standing together awkwardly in the middle of the room while others watched.

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