A Brief History of Russia by Michael Kort

By Michael Kort

Detailing the social, monetary, and political alterations and crises that the folks of Russia have needed to suffer, this ebook offers a finished account of this giant country's historical past. It comprises insurance at the conquest and rule of Russia via the Mongol Golden Horde; and the reign of terror via Ivan the negative.

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The Muscovite ruling house belonged to the branch of the Rurikid dynasty that descended from Alexander Nevsky. It took its first major step up the ladder of power when Prince Yury (r. 1303–25) married a sister of the Golden Horde khan and won appointment from his new brother-in-law as Russia’s grand prince. Yury’s successor, his younger brother Ivan (r. 1325–41), built brilliantly and ruthlessly on the foundation he inherited. ” When Ivan became prince of Moscow, the title of grand prince had recently 18 19 A BRIEF HISTORY OF RUSSIA Moscow’s Kremlin stands as a symbol of Russia and serves as the center of its government.

Denis Babenko, 2007. ) been transferred to the ruler of the neighboring principality of Tver. Ivan got it back by collaborating with the Mongols in a devastating military campaign against Tver, which had made the grave error of rebelling against Russia’s overlords. The campaign left Tver in ruins, a result that did not bother Ivan at all. His skills at collecting taxes, the source of his moniker “Kalita,” convinced the khan to grant Ivan the job of collecting Mongol tribute from all the Russian princes.

First, Kievan Rus was a relatively free society, especially by the European standards of the time. Its princes, even within their individual principalities, did not have anything like the absolute power Russia’s later czars would wield. Princely authority was limited by the power of aristocrats called boyars, who met in councils called dumas. In the cities elected bodies called veches exercised considerable power. The power of these institutions varied from city to city and region to region, leaving some princes with significantly more power than others.

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