A Discourse on Novelty and Creation by C.R. Hausman

By C.R. Hausman

Over the last twenty years, the variety of reports of creativity has in­ creased drastically. even if those experiences signify a wide selection of views, the biggest share of them falls in the province of the social and behavioral sciences. possibly this is often because of the impetus of experimental psychologists, who famous the designated difficulties that come up whilst originality is taken care of below a normal conception of cognition. yet what­ ever the explanation, human creativity has emerge as seen as one of many significant matters of the 20th century. it's been known as the main urgent challenge of our time. inspite of the significance of the subject, few philosophers have both analyzed or speculated systematically approximately creativity, as a unique subject. This overlook could be the expression of a tacit and infrequently particular con­ viction that creativity needs to be taken with no consideration and never subjected to analytic scrutiny. as a minimum, the decision of such a lot of behavioral and social scientists to not fall at the back of within the look for figuring out creativity has ended in a proliferation of courses which are unrelated to each other and that lack dearly ordered and reflective attention of what creativity is. Too few writers have both said or tested what they presuppose approximately artistic acts, approximately human task, and a­ bout the character of clarification once they specialize in so complicated a phenome­ non as creativity.

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If one claimed to find newness in a continuum without this acknowledgement, one would necessarily suppose newness to be present throughout the continuum, and, if all processes are continuous, newness would then be continued as present from all time, past, present, and future. Consequently, no distinction between the old and the new could be made. Let us suppose that continuities are not identical with the processes said to be continuous. Suppose, then, that continuities are features of processes - features sustained throughout the processes, from their beginnings to their completion.

I think there is reason to regard Egyptian art as creative in the sense of radical creation even when we overlook subtle variation, and this is possible because of the concept of Novelty Proper. We sometimes conceive, not of individual Egyptian artists, but rather of an entire age as creative, or as it might be put, of "the" Egyptian artist as creative, because the age itself, rather than individual artists, newly exemplified a Form in the tradition. Thus Novelty Proper is attributable to the general Form of a period with respect to its difference from Forms of earlier periods.

Thus, unlike the steady development of an acorn into an oak tree according to a pattern of change, a process that issues in Novelty Proper is not in every respect continuous. It is not continuous with respect to its structure, that is, with respect to its instancing of the patterns that disclose its intelligibility at the beginning and that disclose its intelligibility at the end (or at the provisional terminus) of the process. The initial ordering of experience of Cezanne before he began to paint is different from the ordering of his experience when he completed his painting, no matter how continuous was the actual process in which he engaged while painting.

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