A Great Saint - Baba Jaimal Singh by Kirpal Singh

By Kirpal Singh

A special biography tracing the improvement of a real Saint [1838-1903]. could be learn by way of each seeker after God for the encouragement it deals. additionally incorporated: a quick existence caricature of Hazur Baba Sawan Singh. because the successor to Jaimal Singh, Sawan Singh [1858-1948] carried at the religious paintings, vastly increasing the Sangat within the East and within the West.

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Proud of his perseverance and piety, Khem Das initiated him soon after into the Japa of Sohang, which he himself practiced. The boy would get up long before daybreak, have his bath, read the scriptures and sit for meditation. He would then lead his goats into the fields. His young friends soon observed that while the goats grazed over the meadows, he did not hang around, idly looking on, but kept reading and reciting holy texts and often sat down cross-­‐legged for meditition. At sundown he would return with his herd, have some milk and food, and then proceed to his guru.

After he had mastered the Granth Sahib, he began, at the age of nine, the study of Hindi and the Hindu texts. Studies over, he would visit the shrine of Namdev and return home late at night. Often, while away in the evening, he would sit down and be lost in meditation, so much so that once he was away for the whole night while his parents searched frantically every part of the village in vain. This intense application did not go unrewarded, and the boy once told his teacher that he could see stars and moon within and glimpse inner Light -­‐ the first spiritual experience of the mystic soul.

Perhaps there had been error? Perhaps he was not yet ripe for the gift? Many thoughts crowded Jaimal Singh's mind as he sat contemplating on the banks of the Jamuna one morning after having bathed in its waters. While he sat this morning, two men approached him, discussing personal matters. At first he took scant notice of them for many came daily for a dip in the sacred river. But then a word shot through his ears and he was all attention. Yes, they were talking of a "Swami Ji," a great sage, who often discoursed on the Sikh scriptures at his home to a small audience.

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