A Lexicon of Modern Mohegan: The Dialect of Jits Bodunaxa by Julian Granberry

By Julian Granberry

Mohegan, a dialect of the Mohegan-Pequot language of Southern New England, was once one of many significant Algonquian languages of Connecticut, spoken from the Connecticut River within the west to the Thames River within the east and from principal Connecticut south to new york Sound from a minimum of the thirteenth century in the course of the 1800s. Its final speaker, Mrs. Fidelia A.H. Fielding, died in 1908. From unique expert phonetic recordings of long texts in Mrs. Fielding's speech we've got enough facts to impact a reconstruction of the language because it was once spoken within the early 1900s. the current quantity supplies the reader an account of the phonological, morphological, and syntactic constructions of the language, in addition to a precis of the placement and improvement of Mohegan and the opposite Mohegan-Pequot dialects (Pequot, Shinnecock, and Montauk) in the jap department of the Algonquian language relatives. Lexical info and pattern texts are supplied.

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7. Tense Forms and Negative Verbs. Any ofthe verb form given in the preceding tables may be made into its negative equivalent by the addition of the preverb mud 'not'. The majority of the Southern New England languages, as well as most Algonquian languages in general, have special suffixes which give the verb a negative meaning. Mohegan, however, has abandoned this suffixation process for the use of the negative preverb. In the same manner, the special past and future tense suffixes common in other Algonquian tongues are not found in Mohegan.

Binary phrase within another phrase, as its head element or its subordinate element. Examples are: woci yo wusquig 'from this book', consisting of the nominal phrase yo wusquig 'this book', in which the demonstrative pronoun Gardiner, John Lion 1798. A Vocabulary ofthe Indian Language Spoken by the Montauk Tribe. predictably comes before the noun head-word, embedded as the nominal- Copy of Manuscript No. C. guta 'with all your heart', consisting of the nominal phrase wami guta 'all your heart', with the adjectival particle wami predictably before the noun, embedded as the nominal-phrase object of the prepositional particle woci 'from, for, with'.

The first arrangement of elements is more the frequent. 3. 3. Demonstrative Noun Modifiers. Demonstrative pronouns used '(I am) able to see' -dabi 'can, able to'+ nawu- ' see' ; ma nunawu 'I saw' as modifiers are uniformly placed before the noun head-word, as in yo ma ' preterite particle' + nu- 'I' + nawu- 'see'; mus wumijuwak 'they will eat' - mus 'future particle' + wu- '3rd person subject' + mic- > mij(intervocalically) 'eat'+ -uwak 'plural suffix'; kuji nuwombonsiyon 'already I may live' - kuji 'already'+ nu- 'I'+ wombonsi- ' live'+ -yon 'lst person wusquig ' this book'.

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