A Salty Piece of Land by Jimmy Buffett

By Jimmy Buffett

In 'A Salty Piece of Land', Jimmy Buffett weaves a mesmerising story that mixes humour and emotional mirrored image. in the end, one man's cathedral is one other man's fishing gap. And in Jimmy Buffett's international, paradise is simply a frame of mind.

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Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince We sail within a vast sphere, Ever drifting in uncertainty Driven from end to end — Pascal author’s note November 30, 2001 Coconut Grove, Florida George Harrison died yesterday. I found out as I checked my e-mail this morning before waking Cameron early, which I “pinky” swore to do last night. I walked out onto the balcony of this hotel and looked out to the east over the rusty Pan Am hangars and the decaying wooden markers that framed the once-active runways for the Clippers as they came and went on their pioneering routes from Biscayne Bay.

The short, handwritten description of her sainthood said that she had earned her title when her mean stepfather was struck dead by lightning after he had lopped off her head for some minor offense. My painting of St. Barbara went home in a blanket of bubble wrap. Little did I know that she would lead me into a world where lighthouses not only still existed but still guided the lost souls loose on this earth. My travels with Mr. Twain had taken me all the way from Heartache to the Alabama beach town of Heat Wave.

She also has a taste for Cuban cigars. She dines on fish, rice, and tropical fruits, and a collection of potions, teas, and elixirs keep her biorhythms, brain, and sense of humor humming. She cusses like the sailor that she is, and she is rabidly addicted to Cuban baseball. Though she says she has a few good years left in her, Cleopatra is on a most urgent mission, and that is where I come in. I am here to rebuild the lighthouse as her final resting place while she continues her search for an original Fresnel lens, which was the light source for this and many other old lighthouses.

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