A Shore Too Far (Daughters of Damendine Book 1) by Kevin Manus-Pennings

By Kevin Manus-Pennings

Princess Kara Asgrand isn't just daughter to the king but in addition the best army brain of her period. in the course of the state of Avandi and, certainly, the complete continent of Damendine, excessive basic Kara is named an unstoppable genius at the battlefield. No quantity of genius, despite the fact that, can have ready Kara for the coming of a wondrous fleet of serious ships in contrast to whatever ever noticeable. whilst the unusual passengers disembark from the ships through the hundreds of thousands, Kara is faced with a sprawling tent urban on Avandi's shore. The viewers, the Kullobrini, weave a story of a misplaced excursion and ships riddled with affliction and beg time to cleanse their vessels.

As the times move, despite the fact that, holes seem within the Kullobrini’s tale, and with each solution a brand new query arises. If the Kullobrini are opposed, they are going to fee Kara’s forces dearly. Regardless, Kara needs to shield her father’s country, yet she can't forget about that her personal lifetime of battle has made her judgment suspect.…

Kara needs to come to a decision what are the boundaries of 1 people’s compassion for an additional? and the way some distance may still one humans visit defend themselves? If she trusts the Kullobrini wrongly, she may possibly lose her father’s state, but when she chooses warfare since it is the reply she has come to count on then she may lose her soul.

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Scouts had been sent along the road hours earlier and awaited our approach to rejoin us. If there was trouble ahead, we had done all we could to be ready. The vanguard of Eric’s group could be seen now by the light of their own lanterns. Moments later, Eric, with his personal guard and attendants, grew clearly out of the darkness. Gonnaban led his horse to my side. He looked out at the approaching party. “Won’t be long now,” he said. Gonnaban rode one of the short-muzzled horses of my mother’s people, a horse known more for endurance than speed.

Within moments I could see the trumpets strapped to their saddles. The captain of the escort saluted smartly as his men turned to form a wedge leading us in. ” The rider hid his smile well. Gonnaban leaned in. ” I felt myself blush and resisted glancing at Gonnaban’s grin. I knew it grew wider when the riders sounded their horns, peal after peal, as they were answered by the city watch. The sound rolled off the city’s low hill and took wing in the surrounding scrub wood. We entered the outskirts of the city and soon came to the old city gate, its wall a crumbling marker of the historic edges for the city, and were met by Eric and his attendants.

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