A Thread of Grace by Mary Doria Russell

By Mary Doria Russell

Set in Italy through the dramatic finale of global conflict II, this new novel is the 1st in seven years by way of the bestselling writer of The Sparrow and youngsters of God.

It is September eight, 1943, and fourteen-year-old Claudette Blum is studying Italian with a suitcase in her hand. She and her father are one of the millions of Jewish refugees scrambling over the Alps towards Italy, the place they desire to be secure finally, now that the Italians have damaged with Germany and made a separate peace with the Allies. The Blums will quickly become aware of that Italy is something yet peaceable, because it turns into in a single day an open battleground one of the Nazis, the Allies, resistance warring parties, Jews in hiding, and traditional Italian civilians attempting to survive.

Mary Doria Russell units her first historic novel by contrast dramatic historical past, tracing the lives of a handful of interesting characters. via them, she tells the little-known yet precise tale of the community of Italian voters who stored the lives of forty-three thousand Jews throughout the war's ultimate part. the results of 5 years of meticulous examine, A Thread of Grace is an bold, engrossing novel of rules, historical past, and amazing characters that may please Russell's many fanatics and earn her much more.

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