A Treasury of Modern Fantasy by Terry; Greenberg, Martin H. (editor) Carr

By Terry; Greenberg, Martin H. (editor) Carr

Anthology by means of a variety of authors that includes delusion

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Saveus! And in his mind was but one desire-to clutchthe throatsof Polleauandhis sons,to cracktheirnecks; to standby themthenandwatchthemwither;witherlike thatslimgirl in the armsof the green-clad man. A spellseemedto havebeenloosed from him; it wasas thoughhe had brokenthroughsomeweb of sorcery. McKaystopped, droppeduponthe ground,buriedhis facein the grasses. What hadhe beenaboutto do? Because that elfin, scarletlippedwomanwhosekisseshe still couldfeel uponhis mouthhad bade him! Because the whisperingtreesof the little woodhadmaddened him with that samecommand!

Whispers. And aJhe tan the wooddarkenedasthoughclear shadowsgatheredin it, asthoughvastunseenwingshoveredoverit. Halfwaybetweenhim and the lodge were poileau and his sons. He ran to meetthem. The son caughthim, twistedhim aboutand whirledhim headlonga dozenyards,crashinghim throughthe brushat the skirt of the wood. The clamorof the forest hadgrownstronger. The headof Polleau'sson rockedback; he yelped,and beforeMcKay could strike againhad wrappedstrongarms aroundhim, crushingbreathfrom him. Polleau's springingasideto avoidthe rib-breaking thanhe,the longarmscaugtrthim.

T must havebeenmusinga longtime, for I could not seeany of the partybut the plump capt. It wasthe eldritchscurryingof those fiend-bornrats,alwaysquestingfor new horrors,and determinedto lead me on even unto thoie grinning cavernsof earth's center where Nyarlathotep,the madfacelessgod,howlsblindly in the darknessto the idiot flute-players. piping - -Mt of two amorphous searchlightexpired,but still I ran. It musthave ravenousarmythatfeaston the dead beenthe rats;the viscous,gelatinous, andthe living....

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