A Visual Dictionary of Architecture by Francis D. K. Ching

By Francis D. K. Ching

This booklet defines over 5,000 phrases on the subject of architectural layout, background, and know-how. it's the basically dictionary that offers concise, exact definitions illustrated with finely distinct, hand-rendered drawings, each one performed in Mr. Ching's signature kind.

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I1Ol13ste1y. or the rnemDers of a religious house or order. "-,,_ . 3S cruclflea. esp. a large one set . + Oirove ~ entrance to the choir or chancel of ;) rreJ~vJI church. n9l1sh churches. Also. g3l1lee porch. • cloi,ter A covered walk having ;;n arcade or colonnade on one side opening onto a courtyard. alure A walk or passage. as along a cloister or behind the parapets of a castle. Also. allure. aturation, and In-ightness for light sources. g a color having h~h ~htnts5 and low sa';;Jratlon. Designating a color having high lightness and strong saturation.

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