A Woman's Book of Rituals & Celebrations by Barbara Ardinger

By Barbara Ardinger

Ebook by way of Ardinger, Barbara

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Make a circle with these photos around the two white candles, your own kids, and the earth. Light your candles. Close your eyes and take several deep, easy breaths. Feel the blessing energy from the candles, the cleansing energy of the white light. Feel the energy of all these children, both at their most raucous and adventuresome play, and in repose, study, or sleep. Spend some time thinking about the energy and wonder children bring to our lives—seeing ordinary things through their new eyes, for example, or living each day as a new adventure.

But I wonder … have we been reaching in the right direction? What would happen if we reached inward instead? What if we laid hands on the small, dark, precious seeds of creativity and love that rest deep inside us all? Instead of focusing on outward things to help and heal us, what would happen if we focused inward? What would happen if we began to practice the presence of the Goddess? Re-creating the Mystical Dimension What I’m talking about, of course, is something men and women have been doing for millennia: re-creating the mystical dimension in their lives, in life itself.

5. Ritual. I. Title. 3'8'082–dc20 ISBN 1-880032-57-0 Second edition, 1995 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 DEDICATION First, as always to my son, Charles Ardinger. He’s a true blessing in my life. Then to all the Goddess’s children—women, men, kids, cats, snakes, and flowers—that I’ve met at rituals and who have enriched my life. We’ve danced, drummed, sung, talked, and giggled together. We’ve worshipped and played together at large and small, planned and spontaneous rituals, and we’ve learned what the practice of the presence of the Goddess really is.

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