Academic Art of Riding by Marijke de Jong

By Marijke de Jong

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The stronger the horse becomes, the more it will bend its hind legs and the more it will “sit down” and fold its front legs under its body. Aids The exercise is started in hand from piaffe in place. By clocking the tongue and asking the hind legs to step further under, the horse is invited to bring 100% of its weight on the hind legs. The rider can assist by touching the dock of the tail with the whip or to touch the hind legs to make them bend more under the point of weight. It is important that the rider does not try to lift the head, but keeps asking it forward down.

Goal Terre à terre was once the ultimate goal of the academic art of riding, because the horse was then ready to be used in armed battle. With increased maneuverability, the rider had better chances of surviving the battle. This gait is still sometimes used in bull fighting to outmaneuver the bull. The exercise is also used as a preparation to the capriole. Definition Terre à terre is like the levade, a step between the schools on the ground (like piaffe, passage) and the school jumps (like courbette, capriole).

This increases the forward movement and the flight moment. • Turns and serpentines in passage. This enhances a more round movement and bending in the front legs. • All side movements in passage. This also enhances a more round movement and bending in the front legs. It also stimulates the proper activity in the hind legs. com Pag. 37 of 47 Academic Art of Riding Marijke de Jong 16. LEVADE High School The piaffe, passage en pirouette are famous exercises from the High School. These exercises are part of the schools on the ground.

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