Aggressive Dog by Charles Heflin

By Charles Heflin

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Aggression is a topic that no puppy proprietor desires to speak about, yet person who many householders need to face. records express that aggression is not just the main significant issue in canine but in addition the head reason behind proprietors to search out expert support for his or her pets. Left unchecked, an competitive puppy can develop into a deadly puppy, and this informative quantity involves assistance from many heartbroken proprietors who suppose that they've attempted every thing to right their canines’ unpredictable and irrelevant habit.

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Teach your children never to hug a dog, as they cannot tolerate such behavior. Instead, teach them to be considerate towards their dogs and not tease, chase and yell at them. 35 • How to protect yourself from dog bites: Never approach a strange dog. Pet a dog only after it has finished sniffing you. Don’t turn your back on a dog and run away or he will chase you. • If a dog attacks you: Stand still with your hands by your side. Don’t make eye contact with the dog. Continue to stand still till he loses interest in you and then walks away from you.

Just to keep him from lunging away from the leash, distract his attention by making a sound every now and then. Every so often, ask him to sit and stay, among other commands. When his attention is entirely on you, his aggressive behavior will reduce and he will submit to you. • Protecting yourself from strays: Keep away from stray dogs, as they are likely to attack you just when you least expect it. To ward off their attacks, open an 30 automatic opening umbrella in their faces. Alternatively, you can also squirt water pistols, plant misters with diluted vinegar or pepper spray.

If you have a female dog, she will not have the same maternal protectiveness after being spayed and will not mouth or nip. Call for help: If you need professional help, speak to a good canine behavior specialist. Or enroll in a class for dogs with socialization problems so you can practice the techniques you learn with controlled 31 distractions. Ask for positive reinforcement-based methods. 32 Chapter 4 Why dogs bite Though the vast majority of dogs are safe, yet sometimes even a friendly dog may bite if he is threatened, angry, afraid or hurt.

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