Aging and Life-Prolonging Processes, 1st Edition by Prof. Dr. Vladimir Veniaminovich Frolkis (auth.)

By Prof. Dr. Vladimir Veniaminovich Frolkis (auth.)

There is an Inca incantation which said stated approximately: "Lord, supply me religious peace in order that i will be able to acquiesce to what i can't swap, provide me braveness in order that i will swap what i will switch, and provides me knowledge in order that i will distinguish one from the opposite. " evidently, this incantation will be on a regular basis repeated via any gerontologist, because it is particularly tricky to differentiate getting older from the tactics which complement the organism's viability, getting older from ailments, and the mechanisms of getting older in quite a few species of animals. in accordance with N. surprise, who compiled a important bibliography of the works on getting older, greater than 43,000 works on gerontology were released within the final decade. Why will we proceed to disagree with each other and carry that an important mechanisms are nonetheless mostly unknown to us even with that move of data and an important variety of evidence? what's it that we don't comprehend? may perhaps or not it's that we don't recognize the only sacramental truth that can clarify every little thing, corresponding to the hormone of getting older, the programmed triggering of a suicide gene, the looks of a unique poisonous agent within the axoplasmic movement of gear, and so on? Goethe as soon as wrote scientist customarily holds sure components, yet regrettably he lacks their sacred link.

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77 years M,F Shefer, V. F. (1972) Area 6 -22 human 19-28 vs. 77 years M,F Shefer, V. F. (1972) Subiculum -29 human 19-28 vs. 77 years M,F Shefer, V. F. (1972) Frontal polar region (area 10) -28 human 19-28 vs. 77 years M,F Shefer, V. F. (1972) Middle temporal gyrus (area 21) -23 human 19-28 vs. 77 years M,F Shefer, V. F. (1972) Structural and Metabolic Changes in the Brain During Aging 37 Table 1 (continued) Brain structures Changes Species Age Sex Reference % Cerebral cortex (frontal pole, area striata, cingulate gyrus, precentral gyrus) Visual co rtex (area 17) Indusium griseum Colon, E.

Comfort (1964) gives data on the substantial difference in the life span of the fecundated and non-fecundated specimens of the butterfly Fumea crassiorella. The Pacific salmon is known to die after spawning, which entails great stress. However, its life span was prolonged by ovariectomy and adrenalectomy, which prevent that stress from developing. Consequently, Kogan (1972) believes that aging and death are the active destructive functions of the organism, i. e. the manifestation of self-regulation which is biologically expedient for a species but is "unfavourable" for an individual.

12, p. 81). Mortality due to ischemic heart disease sharply increases among men as early as the age of 35-44. This shows that the pathology of the cardiovascular system originates and rapidly develops not only among elderly and old persons, but also among younger persons. In this respect, it should be noted that the given pathology, i. e. ischemic heart disease, myocardial infarction and arterial hypertension, occurs more and more frequently among young persons, although it is true that the average life span is increasing.

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