Alchemy & Mysticism (Klotz) by Alexander Roob

By Alexander Roob

A fantastical trip throughout the pictorial global of alchemy and mysticism, the Cabbala and magic, freemasons and Rosicrusians. This specified number of illustrations with commentaries and resource texts publications us on a desirable trip in the course of the representations of the key arts.

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The well of its living water. So if you wish to trans· form the rays ofthe sun into water, choose the time when the moon conveys them to us in abundance, namely when it is full or close to fullness; in this way you will receive the fiery water from the rays of the sun and the moon in its greatest force { . }. 78 MACROCOSM: Lower astronomy In southern France the Work can begin in March and again in September, but in Paris and the rest of the Empire one cannot begin before April, and the second period there is so weak that it would be a waste of time to occupy oneself with it in the autumn".

Speculum Angelorum et Hominum, in: WB. Yeats, A Vision, London 1962 66 "As the moon passes through the whole of the zodiac in twenty­ eight days, the most ancient as­ trologers assumed that there were twenty·eight stages ( ... ) Within these twenty-eight stages lie many of the secrets of the ancients. " (Agrippa of Nettesheim, De occulta philosophia, 1510) MACROCOSM: Moon MACROCOSM: Moon Moon Moon A paraphrase of Durer's " Melenco­ lia". (ct. p. 203) The bird's head is possibly based on an illustration of the moon dragon from Agrippa's De occulta philo­ sophia.

__ _ _:-: _ ". " . . -. _ ', . r R. Fludd, Utriusque Cosmi, Vol. I, Oppenheim, 7677 112 MACROCOSM: Genesis MACROCOSM: Genesis 113 Eye Cenesis The underlying plan of this Masonic tapes­ try is the circle with a point at the centre, the sign of gold. The earth in the centre signifies the 'true lodge' which must be established, the sounding ofthe spiritual, inner space. The compass and the set­ square stand for reason and conscientious­ ness at work. According to Kirchweger, the two signs CD and e, nitrum (saltpetre) and alkaline salt embody the dual prin· ciples of male and female, mind and spirit, active and passive.

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