An Introduction to Yoga by Annie Besant

By Annie Besant

An summary of Yoga philosophy.

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Yoga Nidra is an easy but profound method tailored by way of Swami Satyananda Saraswati from the normal tantric perform of nyasa. The textual content explains the idea of Yoga Nidra in either yogic and medical phrases and contains classification transcriptions of the perform. It additionally offers some of the purposes of this flexible technique,which has been used for deep relaxation,in tension administration and therapy,to improve the educational approach in education,to harmonize the deeper subconscious and wake up internal potential,and as a meditative strategy.

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Having effectively used yoga to strive against the strain in their personal busy lives, Dion and Stacey Betts found its capability for his or her son Joshua, who has Asperger Syndrome. This fully-illustrated publication combines the authors' specialist services with their event of parenting, providing a number of mild and enjoyable yoga positions and respiring concepts which are potent in facing the elevated degrees of tension, disorientation and tactile sensitivity usually present in teenagers with autism spectrum problems (ASDs).

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The in-depth understanding and insightful analysis of this fact by the —iÌis had given rise to the philosophies of ‘Brah® Darïana’, ‘Atma Jó³na’, ‘Tatra Jó³na’, ‘Atra Jó³na’, ‘Vyavah³ra Jó³na’, etc and hence to the gamut of the ancient scriptures of Indian Philosophy and Culture. Without self-recognition, a human being does not really understand the origin and purpose of his life, its dignity and duties. Like a child gets attracted towards every toy and every new scene and remains engrossed in unnecessary activities, a grownup person also, throughout his life, remains involved in the aspirations and actions which are triggered by the agile mind and the passions of the other sense organs.

The soaha® pr³ñ³y³ma is an excellent auto-suggestive experiment of psychology. After making an attempt to exhale all the weaknesses and sins with each breath, the s³dhaka indeed feels extremely relaxed and gets peace of mind. The feeling of receiving the mah³pr³ña with a breath increases his inner strength and deepens his ïraddh³ and self-confidence, which in turn become the motive force for the ascetic control of his body and mind and the source for his psychological and spiritual enlightenment.

The spiritual charge of up³san³ and s³dhan³ removes the mists of ignorance that shrouded it. The inner self is then purified and enlightened as an eternal reflection of divinity. The emotional power of the s³dhaka used in the advaita bh³va of the soaha® s³dhan³ awakens and elevates the state of the soul to revive its original glory and its unity with the Brah® begins to reflect in the s³dhaka’s personality. Without the emotional depth, motivation and mental concentration, the feelings and meditations associated with the soaha® s³dhan³ would be like ‘mere imaginations’ or ‘mental-amusement and diversion’ or ‘day dreaming’, and would not show any sign of progress.

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