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One of the main salient gains of our tradition is that there's quite a bit bullshit. we all know this. each one folks contributes his percentage. yet we have a tendency to take the location with no consideration. most folks are relatively convinced in their skill to acknowledge bullshit and to prevent being taken in via it. So the phenomenon has now not aroused a lot planned challenge. we don't have any transparent realizing of what bullshit is, why there's lots of it, or what features it serves. And we lack a carefully built appreciation of what it skill to us. In different phrases, as Harry Frankfurt writes, "we don't have any conception. "

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Simply, f (A) is the range set of f over the domain set A. 4) if f −1 (z) = ∅ 1 z ∈ f (A) . 6) if f −1 (z) = ∅ 1 z ∈ f ([a, b]) . 7) This means that Zadeh’s Extension Principle is the same as the United Extension on Intervals. Let us introduce the Extension Principle for functions of two variables looking towards operations between fuzzy numbers that we will present in the next section. 2 Let f : X × Y −→ Z be a function and let A and B be fuzzy subsets of X and Y , respectively. 8) where f −1 (z) = {(x, y) : f (x, y) = z}.

3, substituting the membership functions by the respective characteristic functions of the sets A1 , A2 , . . , An . The next example illustrates the application of the Cartesian product. 8 which relates the diagnostics of 5 patients with two symptoms: fever and myalgia. 2 To diagnose a patient the doctor evaluates the symptoms that are specific to each disease. Many diseases can present symptoms like fever and myalgia with different intensities and measures. For example, for flu, the patient with fever and myalgia with intensities that, if represented by fuzzy subsets, must have distinct universal sets.

3 The α-levels of the crisp set A + B with the characteristic function χ(A+B) are given by [A + B]α = A + B for all α ∈ [0, 1]. Remember that the intervals A and B are fuzzy sets of the real line, so that the result of this corollary is an immediate consequence of the characteristic function definition of a classical set. The arithmetic operations for fuzzy numbers may be defined from the extension principle for fuzzy sets in analogous way. Actually, they are particular cases of the extension principle where the functions that must be extended are traditional operations for real numbers.

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