Aspects of Tantra Yoga by Debabrata SenSharma

By Debabrata SenSharma

This e-book opens with an account of the character, foundation and improvement of Saiva-Sakta Tantras, their category less than diverse faculties, the wealth of literature to be had belonging to those faculties, and so on. It additionally sheds gentle at the vital metaphysical tenets of Saiva and Sakta Tantras, correct to the research of Tantra-Yoga. the subjects coated during this ebook are the suggestions of divine Grace or saktipata, guru and his other forms, the method of initiation (diksa) and its types, mantra's nature and position in sadhana kriya, assorted modes of religious self-discipline, Kundalini Yoga, the top non secular aim, and so forth.

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The worship o f Daksina Kali is very popular in the eastern part o f the country. It is well-known that great spiritual sadhakas like Sarvananda, Sri Ramakr§na Paramahariisa or Ramaprasada Sen were very ardent devotees o f Goddess Daksina Kali. The different forms o f Goddess Kali in which she is worshipped today are based on the particular form revealed to her devotees during meditation or in dream. For instance, Goddess Kali appeared in a dream before Rani RasmanT as the ‘Saviour o f the afflicted’, in the world so she got built a temple at Dak§inesvar dedicated to the worship o f BhavatarinI (Kali) where Sri Ramakrsna was the chief priest.

Sikha$taka or Sikhd Tantras a) BhairavJ Sikhd b) Vinasikhd59 c) Vmamani d) S am m oha 60 e) D a m a ra61 0 Atharvaka g) Kabandha h) Sirascchcda 59 Dr. C. Bagchi in his Studies in Tantra (Vol. I, p. D. Blnasikha appears to be the corrupt form o f the above mentioned tantra. 60 The name o f thisTantra figures in the List o f Tantras believed to have been taken to Cambodia. 61 Abhinavagupta has referred to Damara Tantra in his eomm. on Mai. Vij. Tanyp. 16. 31 /Aspects o f Icantrva \o o a We eome aeross the names o f some Tantras in Abhinavagupta’s works, whieh have either been quoted or referred to as authorities there.

39 A s p e c t s o f ~fc*rvtt 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. v lo g e a Niruttara Tantra 93 Garjana Tantra Kubjika Tantra 94 Tantra M uktavail Brhat Srlkarma Tantra Svatantra Tantra Yoni Tantra Kamakhya Tantra 95 Now not known. It may mentioned here that the Dasarathi Tantra in Chapter II provides us with another list of 64 Tantras, different from the earlier ones. ). For centuries, the Tantric texts and practices remained confined within a narrow group o f sadhakas who had been initiated to the secret lore o f Tantras, so that it could never gain currency among the masses or attract the appreciation from the elite who always demanded rationale or logical explanations for everything propagated in the Tantra.

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