Atari 400/800 Diskguide by John Taylor

By John Taylor

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5. - Branch es to machine program sta rting at 1536 (decimal) Branch es to machine language program sto red in SUBR$: uses ADR to specify locati on of program Branc hes. passes va lues of parameters 2-4 Pa ramete rs converted to 2-byte hexadecima l integers (0-65535) Locat io n of US R func ti o n pushed onto bottom of hardware stack Parameters 2-4 PLACED on stack. last (100) first: low bytes before hi gh I-byte count of 2-by te va lues (not inc lu ding address) pushed on top Return s t o BAS IC o nl y if program a t 1536 removes a ll en t ries - 42 - Memory Usage ()r~'I;tlHl~ ~~"l'm RO\ I ()j ll'l:tltt1!!

C ::: IT] [I] 30 34 . r. (Ill ~ OU ~v 54 ~ 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 [2J [ill [2J IT] C) -v " ::-. _ = . [j [8 [1J lliJ 1" 1 ~ [ill [g :I: ::I "C (Ill ~ :... , 6 (, 68 7 7 69 R R 70 9 9 71 SIIWI · , 72 <~'::. ,. I < 74 = = 7'i > > " K K 76 [ill [J L L S IIII· I · 77 [ill M M @ S HI F I ·X 78 N N /I. /I. 79 0 0 B B 80 P P C C 81 Q Q 53 [ill [ill l.. ::;: C o dc ... C ha rac t er .... \ lrri tr ok(· ... (Co nt in ucd) - _ ~ "... c: .. - . 83 s s 97 (LOIVR) A 84 T T 98 85 u u 99 86 v v 100 87 w w 101 (LOIVR) E 88 (LOIVR) F b ( LOIVR) B (LOIVR) C d (LOIVR) D x x 102 89 y y 103 g (LOIVR) G 90 z z 104 h (LOWR) H 91 SI'II I'"I - ; 105 (LO\V R) I SHIFT- .

41:-. A T ASC I I code 17. th e c ha rac tc r [] d isp lays: no de le t io n occ u rs. J6 Th c c haracter [] rep resent s tilL' control c haracte r w hi ch inse rt s a b la n k s pace 10 th e ri g ht of thc c u rso r. s h il'l i ng t he rt:l11a i ndl'r o f t he log ic a I ii IlC one s pace to t hc r igh t. 1f t he c harac tc r di sp la yed just hefore th is wa s A T ASC I I code 27. t he c hara c te r [] d is p la ys: no inse rt ion occurs. 61 ATARI BASIC Keywords and Abbreviations Keyword AB S ADR AND AS C ATN BYE CLOAD C HR$ CLOG C LOSE CLR COLOR COM CONT COS CSAVE DATA DEG DIM DOS DRAWTO END ENTER EXP FOR FRE GET GOS U B Abbrev .

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