Australasian Tokens Coins by Arthur Andrews

By Arthur Andrews

Каталог монет и жетонов Австралии.

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A group of four small dots in oval form at / bottom. — MAY 1ST / 1855 MELBOURNE EAST between two lines across crntre, ii COLLINS St EAST round within the beaded rim. Group of four dots and MELBOURNE and aftir the latter. The date in indicates the time of the establishment of the business. 4. Halfpenny. 1855. O. — As the Normal. 28 reverse of No. — Britannia hand mm. Scarce. 3. seated on a rock on the seashore, with olive branch in right and wand supported in left arm, AUSTRALL\ ovir. Indented rim.

Taylor, on the pattern pence of Hedberg (Nos. VN Wo. 324), and his proposed pattern for a copper fcnirpence, No. S1, PI. 50. slight variations in the accessories, the figure the rock on which she seated is is corrugated appearance to the base. AUSTRALIA, and is the same In No. 200 in all. surroundi'd by the water, giving a The wand touches the tip of the olive branch is thi- between the S T. that the ship generally accompanying this design is somewhat hnvest point of the It will I of be seen here replaced by a steamer.

As tail of 10. \N D KS37 over. in exergue. Tasmania. DEASE 99, No. 9Q. 28 (W. Taylor J. PI':NNV in PI. three lines, WHOLESALE 10. S: •;• •;. mm. ) RETAIL DRAPERY within the indented rim. BRISBANE S'" VOS NON VOBIS VELLERA EERTIS OVES centre. ). As No. The STORES. bi-aded rim. Upset. WAREHOUSE rouiul in rim. 34 nnn. ). 1 Launceston. E. F. O— ONE within seated on a bale. — Justice than Al'STRALlAN shorter. DAY AND MIEVILLE. Dunedin and Otago. New Zealand. *Penny. 1^57. 34 mm. Normal. (W. J. ) PI.

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