Back in Control: Your Complete Prescription for Preventing, by David Borenstein M.D.

By David Borenstein M.D.

This can be the 1st ebook to provide humans the data they should devise a mix remedy plan.

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The men and women who arrive in my office have diverse backgrounds, careers, and lifestyles, but they all share a common complaint. They have sore, aching backs, and the pain almost always interferes with their lives. These patients have something else in common. To one degree or another, they are afraid. Most people are misinformed about both the causes of their pain and the treatments available to solve their problems. This lack of information feeds the fear that hinders recovery. Some people are afraid that they will be unable to work, while others fear their pain is a symptom of a dread disease such as cancer.

It may last for months, with minimal variation in discomfort. Where Is It Located and Where Else Do You Feel It? Most low back pain is localized between the lower rib and buttocks, where the spinal curve (lordosis) is greatest. Frequently, the pain starts to one side of the spine and quickly spreads across the low back. The fleshy part of the back is more commonly affected than the bones themselves. Occasionally pain will be present on both sides of the spine, near the “dimples” just above the buttocks, over the sacroiliac joints.

Bracing myself against the dresser that morning, I began to consider how I would put my clothes on without feeling the excruciating pain in my back. The socks in my hands seemed miles away from my feet, so how would I ever get them on? Limping as I put one foot in front of the other, bracing against the furniture for support, I began to gather up other clothes, being careful to test each small motion to see if it would bring on more pain. Putting on my shirt wasn’t so bad, but I couldn’t imagine how I would get my pants on.

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