Banding Together: How Communities Create Genres in Popular by Jennifer C. Lena

By Jennifer C. Lena

Why do a little song kinds achieve mass attractiveness whereas others thrive in small niches? Banding Together explores this question and divulges the attributes that jointly clarify the expansion of twentieth-century American renowned track. Drawing on an enormous array of examples from sixty musical styles--ranging from rap and bluegrass to demise steel and South Texas polka, and together with numerous created outdoors the United States--Jennifer Lena uncovers the shared grammar that permits us to appreciate the cultural language and evolution of renowned music.

What are the typical fiscal, organizational, ideological, and aesthetic qualities between modern genres? Do genres keep on with styles of their improvement? Lena discovers 4 dominant forms--Avant-garde, Scene-based, Industry-based, and Traditionalist--and dominant trajectories that describe how American pop tune genres enhance. outdoors the USA there exists a 5th shape: the Government-purposed style, which she examines within the song of China, Serbia, Nigeria, and Chile. delivering an extraordinary research of ways tune groups function, she appears to be like on the shared stumbling blocks and possibilities artistic humans face and divulges the ways that humans collaborate round principles, works of art, members, and enterprises that help their work.

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41 However, hip-­hop argot that was commonly used in early lyrics survives today, and critics and fans still defend its use. In Scene-­based genres stakeholders have only a few contacts with the world outside the scene, but those they do have are important in building the solidarity within the community. First, there is usually bitter antagonism between proponents of the new music and representatives of the status quo in the relevant field. 42 Fighting against a shared antagonist often builds solidarity within Scene-­ based genres.

46 Even when a genre ideal is not expressly stipulated, group members come to share a sense of what changes they seek to make in existing music. As the genre ideal matures, however, community members turn their focus toward the preservation of a historic or earlier style. When doo-­wop 15 16 Chapter 1 reached its Traditionalist phase, in the late 1960s, the British invasion was drawing a large, middle-­class audience to rock ’n’ roll. 47 Since Traditionalist genres have less fan support than most contemporary, popular music, they often ennoble their tastes through implied kinship with artistic forms characterized by unimpeachable aesthetic credentials and a small, discerning audience.

Such distinct rings are characteristic of mature scenes like the Chicago blues in the 1990s. 25 Stylistic innovations and the charismatic leaders who promote them play a key role in developing the consensus around genre ideal. This consensus marks the transition from the Avant-­garde to the Scene-­based genre. The two artists recognized at the time as the prime exemplars of the newly emerging bebop style were Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie. 26 In bluegrass music in the mid-­1940s, Bill Monroe sought to create a string band equivalent of Chicago-­style jazz from the late 1920s.

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