Battleship by Peter Padfield

By Peter Padfield

‘Well written and balanced in judgement and makes sturdy use of the first revealed fabric within the Naval Library… peculiarly it merits specific cognizance for its author’s specialized wisdom of the improvement of naval gunnery and hearth control.’
Times Literary complement

‘The Battleship period will improve the author’s recognition as an expert on naval affairs. It describes the evolution, use and eclipse of the battleship.’
Lloyds’ record

‘With crisp scholarship, Peter Padfield strains the improvement of the battleship from crusing ships very like Nelson’s which were geared up with auxiliary steam engines and had iron armour held on their aspects, to the final word: the japanese battleship, Yamato, a massive of greater than 70,000 lots firing 18 inch shells greater than 20 miles.’
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‘A attention-grabbing documentary account of specific curiosity to the armchair strategist.’

‘A helpful addition to anyone’s library that wants to profit extra of the increase and fall of the battleship.’
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The battleship reigned splendid at sea from the 1860s to the Forties, the final word image of naval strength and nationwide delight, queen at the naval chessboard.

This publication describes its evolution from the wood man-of-war plated with iron armour to the good metal leviathan of the second one global conflict, and its final displacement as arbiter of naval strength via the plane provider.

whilst the writer explains how approach and conflict strategies replaced in line with the mounting of ever higher weapons with better variety and penetrative strength, and the improvement of threatening new weapon structures, fairly torpedoes, torpedo boats, mines and submarines; and he explores the chilling truth of motion with vibrant descriptions of significant naval battles together with the Yalu within the first Sino-Japanese struggle, Tsushima within the Russo-Japanese battle, Jutland within the First international struggle and lots of lesser recognized engagements.

The pioneer naval architects and engineers and the commanders who fought those nice ships in motion, Togo, Jellicoe, Beatty, Scheer, Hipper, Cunningham, Lee, Oldendorf locate their approach clearly into this soaking up, usually frightening heritage of what used to be the arbiter of naval energy.

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I should also like to-thank the following publishers for permission to quote extracts from their books: HUTCHINSON for R. Bacon, A Naval Scrapbook, and From 1900 Onwards, A. B. Cunningham, A Sailor's Odyssey, K. C. Barnaby, Some Ship Disasters and their Causes, G. von Hase, Kiel and Jutland; GOLLANCZ for K. G. B. Dewar, The Navy from Within; JOHN MURRAY for C. V. Usborne, Blast and Counterblast; EDWARD ARNOLD for C. C. P. Fitzgerald, Memories of the Sea; METHUEN for C. Beresford, Memoirs; SEELEY SERVICE for O.

Suffice it to say that none of the meetings or near meetings between British and German heavy forces in the First World War would have occurred had it not been for intelligence derived from wireless intercepts. And had signals intelligence been passed to Jellicoe in usable form during the night of 31 May 1916, the result off Jutland would have been very different. But that, again, is straying into forbidden territory.  . Peter Padfield, Woodbridge, May 2000 1 The Sailing Navy The sea is a wide road to all countries with coastline or navigable rivers; this is the great theme.

Only in the United States, which had actually built a steam-powered iron-sided floating battery in 1815 just too late to take part in the war against Britain, was such a project authorized, and that got little further than the planning stage. Protection against shell fire was held to lie in keeping outside shell range, for shells did not carry so far as solid shot. They were lighter and had to be fired with a smaller charge, and they were more liable to strange deviations in flight because their centres of gravity were seldom in the centre of the sphere.

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