Bearded Dragon: Your Happy Healthy Pet by Steve Grenard

By Steve Grenard

The authoritative info and recommendation you wish, illustrated all through with full-color photographs--now revised and redesigned to be much more reader-friendly!

Bearded dragons are more and more renowned; they might quickly overtake the fairway iguana because the preferred reptile within the U.S. With their distinctive visual appeal, docile nature, and minimum care necessities, beardies make an exceptional advent to reptile holding. With colourful images, charts, and tables, this advisor covers the fundamentals, including:

  • The beardie's historical past and many of the breeds of bearded dragons
  • Choosing your bearded dragon
  • Setting up and keeping your beardie's domestic, entire with a basking quarter and lighting
  • Feeding and taking care of your bearded dragon

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Rather than targeting individual endangered or threatened species, the Australian government felt it was simpler to enact a total ban. Although some species are extremely common in Australia (including many species of bearded dragons), they, too, are included in the ban. The law certainly simplified things administratively, but has caused great difficulties for hobbyists and scientists. It also sent the animal trade underground and gave rise to smuggling and official corruption, in which enforcement officers were paid to look the other way or were even involved in illegal animal deals themselves.

Grayish tan to off-white, don’t blend in as well as reddish bearded dragons. The reddish beardies survive, but the standard-color animals are eaten by predators. Breeders in the United States noticed that some of their bearded dragons (probably the result of originally smuggled stock) exhibited these color variations, whereas others did not. The reddish beardies are being bred in the United States for the pet trade, and you will occasionally find them available. But because beardies with unusual colors are in greater demand in the pet trade, breeders also started breeding beardies to capitalize on color variations—also known as morphs.

Pet Stores One big advantage a local pet store has is that you are able to closely examine the lizards before you buy them. If you are able to find a beardie you want in a pet store, take the opportunity to examine it carefully. Choosing a healthy beardie to begin with will save you a lot of problems, heartache, and expense down the road. Make sure they are active, not emaciated, and have a full-length tail and all their toes. And don’t be afraid to ask to see your selected beardie eat. A good pet store should be able to point you to the local herpetological society for help and advice concerning your bearded dragon.

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