Bilingual Kids: English-Spanish, Volume 3 by Diana Isaza, Patricia Gómez

By Diana Isaza, Patricia Gómez

Reproducible, black-line, thematic classes and routines in Spanish, according to Bilingual Songs English-Spanish vol. three, educate greetings, gender, articles, plural kinds of nouns, cardinal and ordinal numbers, descriptive, possessive and demonstrative adjectives, punctuation and lots more and plenty extra! classes are more advantageous with details on Hispanic tradition. sixty four pages. newbie point.

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El 14 de febrero, celebramos el día de San Valentín. 7. Maria y Pablo se casaron en mayo. Page 32 / Activity 1 Page 25 / Activity 2 pencils keys clocks lights lions boys 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. beauties bunnies spies tries balconies bodies 1. There is a hammer. Hay un martillo. 2. There is a ruler. Hay una regla. 3. There are pliers. Hay unos alicates. 4. There are nuts. Hay unas tuercas. 5. There are scissors. Hay unas tijeras. Bilingual Kids: English-Spanish, vol. 3 © 2005 Sara Jordan Publishing ANSWER KEYS RESPUESTAS Page 33 / Activity 2 Page 40 / Activity 1 1.

Celebrates Thanksgiving. 6. They arrived on December 24th to celebrate Christmas with us. 7. Princess Diana was married on July 29th, 1981. 8. We celebrate Hallowe’en on October 31st. Page 24 / Activity 1 Page 29 / Activity 2 policias bomberos fotógrafos mesas lámparas bolsos fresas mangos bananas bailarines reyes escritores iglues álbumes pantalones maníes ajíes atunes jueces capataces alfereces barnices disfraces antifaces nueces arroces maices 58 echoes foxes kisses heroes churches compasses El 2 de abril de 2006.

La taza Page 17 / Activity 2 Page 13 / Activity 2 1. Dr. Pérez Dra. Pérez 2. Mr. Franco Sr. Franco 3. Mrs. Rojas Sra. Rojas 4. Daniela Daniela 5. Brian Brian 6. Mrs. Cruz Sra. Miller Bilingual Kids: English-Spanish, vol. 3 Page 20 / Activity 1 a. 1. The 2. The 3. The 4. The bicycle is in the garage. teddy bears are black. book is on the shelf. dolls are broken. b. 1. La bicicleta está en el garage. 2. Los osos de peluche son negros. 3. El libro está en el estante. 4. Las muñecas están dañadas. © 2005 Sara Jordan Publishing 57 ANSWER KEYS RESPUESTAS Page 21 / Activity 2 Page 28 / Activity 1 1.

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