Bronchology: Research, Diagnostic, and Therapeutic Aspects: by John A. Nakhosteen M.D., Werner Maassen M.D. (auth.), John

By John A. Nakhosteen M.D., Werner Maassen M.D. (auth.), John A. Nakhosteen M.D., Werner Maassen M.D. (eds.)

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DISCUSSION Our comparative findings for peripheral malignant lung processes show that the success rate of catheterbiopsies (72%) is much higher than that of bronchial secretion (36%). There are no publications with present findings from cytological examinations of catheter biopsies, but for bronchial secretion the reported accuracy rates range between 13% and 59%. An essential advantage of the catheter biopsy is that it contains a good deal more cells than does bronchial secretion. It is thus easier to discover tumour cells and diagnose malignancy.

8% TA8LE 8. 9~~ and 72%, the rate of accuracy for cytology is approximately 20% higher than that for histology. AUTHOR Friedel, 1964 Kirsch a. 2J~ + Total number of peripheral tumours ++ Peripheral tumours which could not be seen bronchoscopical. TABLE 9. 06%, the false positive rate by cytology is lower than that by histology. 5. D. D. The recent rapid increase in cases of lung cancer has necessitated the early detection and correct diagnosis of incipient lung cancer in the hilar region of the lung.

BIOPTICAL HISTOLOGY squamous-cell co. 7 (i! B. ROGER INTRODUCTION A sputumcytologic screening project aiming at early diagnosis and study of the pathogenesis of bronchogenic carcinoma has been going on from 1964 to 1979 inclusive. 19/4/1975 the project was reorganized to study a target population of smokers without known lung disease at high cancer risk from outpatient clinics and various companies and organizations. MATERIAL AND METHODS Three early morning cough specimens (12 slides) are carefully examined by specially trained cytotechnologists using detailed cytomorphologic criteria for the various epithelial abnormalities.

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